Target Pasters, red

Target Pasters, red

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Product description

We wanted 22x22mm paster size for better coverage for bigger holes like .45 cal. Aggressive glue and paster shape make your targets last longer in practice use and pasters hold even when shooting patched targets at very close distances. Perfect for competition use or individual practice. Works in cold temperatures. For IPSC, IDPA and Action-Air match and training use.

Product details

Product details:
  • Material – Matt coated label paper with permanent adhesive
  • Size– 22x22mm square with rounded corners
  • Packaging – Packaged with 2,000 pasters per roll
  • Colors– Tan brown, Flat black, Flat white, Flat red
  • Manufactured in Finland
  • Tan, brown (matches cardboard targets)
  • Flat black (matches typical “hard cover” in IPSC and IDPA)
  • Flat white (matches typical “no-shoot” targets in IPSC)
  • Flat Red (matches typical “no-shoot” targets in IPSC)

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